Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Your Memory Sucks

Ocean Creek revamped its website recently and there's lots of cool stuff for you to check out, MB friends! Live Web Cam! Virtual Tour of an actual condo! Informational video(!):

And "Memories," a new section where you can share touching and dramatic stories of your own personal stay at Ocean Creek. Also, you can rate other people's memories, which is a totally healthy and normal thing to do, I guess. As the site explains, "After you rate the [current] memory, look to see how your rating compares with everyone else's." Fair enough.

So at this point you're probably wondering which kinds of "memories" get the highest and the lowest ratings (1 = Poor, 10 = Excellent). Honeymoon and engagement stories get pretty high marks (9s mostly) because, you know, AWWWWWW. For example, the memory, "Ocean Creek Engagement," you guys:
"[...]Once we were seated and snuggled next to each other, Rick started to express his undying love for me and then asked for my hand in marriage. The sun was shining and the morning could not have been more beautiful. I of course said "Absolutely" and he placed the beautiful diamond ring on my finger."
9 stars with 56 votes! Give the people what want. Which is not stories about old people talking about old things: The two-star rated "Retirement Decision," by Nick and Lynda from Medford Lakes, NJ:
While at Ocean Creek for Bike Week we made the decision that not only would Myrtle Beach be the place to retire but Ocean Creek Resort. The friendly staff, great location and of course the weather and walks on teh beach just made the decision hands down. Thank you very much for an awesome four day stay.
Terminal illness memories get average ratings, as well. Only six stars for Amelia and her brain tumor, which may seem harsh but, I mean, really, what did they expect?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where is Mark Sanford? [UPDATE!] [UPDATED UPDATE!]

First lady Jenny Sanford told The Associated Press Monday that her husband [South Carolina governor and presidential hopeful Mark Sanford] has been gone for several days and she did not know where. She said she was not concerned.
The office of Lt. Governor Andre Bauer, who serves in the governor's abse, says they have contacted him and "he's fine." But the governor's staff won't confirm that report.
[From Metafilter]

He hasn't tweeted since the 22nd!

Oh. He was hiking on the Appalachian Trail. On National Hike Naked Day. Fair enough.

COLUMBIA, S.C. - During a Wednesday news conference at his office in Columbia, Gov. Mark Sanford admitted to having an extra-marital affair — information that surfaced after his recent, secret trip to Argentina.

He said he "wanted to do something exotic" to unwind after losing a fight over federal stimulus money.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dixie Stampede Photo Mondays #5

Location: Orlando, FL
Date: September 19, 2007
Family: Taking advantage of the prop vs. "shitty digital background" option.

Monday, April 27, 2009

God Hates Myrtle Beach or "Why I hate God."

So this happened :(
Published: April 23, 2009
South Carolina Wildfire near Myrtle Beach

Firefighters say a coastal wildfire has spread in one of the busiest tourist spots in South Carolina, destroying more than three dozen homes. No injuries have been reported in the fire that started Wednesday afternoon. State Forestry Commission spokesman Scott Hawkins said Thursday morning that the fire had jumped state Highway 22 near North Myrtle Beach and has burned about 40 homes.He said gusty winds were making the situation worse.

But then this happened :)
News - Breaking News
Saturday, Apr. 25, 2009
Owners pick up puppy burned in Myrtle Beach area fire

A couple burned out of their home in Barefoot Resort has picked up the black puppy that woke them up to flee as the fire approached early Thursday morning. Donna and Jim Finley were reunited this morning with 10-month-old Onyx, who had been recuperating at the Animal Hospital of North Myrtle Beach from burns to his stomach, rear and all four paws.

Onyx is expected to make a full recovery. The Finleys' home didn't fare as well. The house in Barefoot Resort was destroyed by the fire.

The animal hospital, which treated Onyx for free, has treated or housed a dozen other animals affected by the fire.