Monday, May 28, 2007

New Jersey Fun Stuff

Walpack Center

A super awesome abandoned town. The government bought it in the 60s and kicked everyone out so they could create a new reservoir. But then they didn't create a new reservoir. Sweet.

Lucy the Elephant
Margate, NJ.

"A spectacle that according to historians made many coastwise seamen of the tramp ships from the West Indies swear off their rum rations for days."

Download and listen to the Lucy Jingle here.

Cape May
Cape May, NJ is awesome for the following reasons:

1. The Atlantis
One of 12 concrete ships in service during World War I. It sunk (obviously) and you can still see it sticking out:

2. WWII Bunker

The bunker was built by the US Army Corps of Engineers during the early months of the Second World War. It contained heavy artillery and was manned by a rotating detail of naval gunnery crews, who spent hours on end scanning the horizon for enemy surface ships and submarines. Super cool.

Indoor Entertainment Announcement #2

1. Carcassonne (duh)

2. Bang!

3. Gloom

4. Warriors: The Game

Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's time to discuss the ride down...

For the three or so people who are coming with me: we leave late on Saturday night (the 2nd) and drive to my Mom's house in CT where we will sleep for free and probably be fed and chatted with in the morning/afternoon. Then we make a mad dash for New Jersey to meet up with Stacie and Dale, at which point we will explore, celebrate, take advantage of, and otherwise enjoy the crazy weird shit that this amazing state has to offer.

Here are some options:
1. Hunt the Jersey Devil (please see video below)

2. Abandoned Asbury Park
I'm feeling a little ambivalent about going here since it's being all fixed up and shit = not as cool.

3. Jungle Habitat

From Weird NJ:
"Jungle Habitat closed around 1976 I think. As the story goes from what I know, it was like a Great Adventure thing - You drove through and the animals roamed around and stuff. As I know it, the owner allegedly stole a whole bunch of money. So that he wouldn’t have to pay it back, he fled, letting loose all of the animals."

4. The Paulinskill Viaduct
A top priority for me. Super cool and not policed.

more to come...

Friday, May 18, 2007

**Special Dale-Oriented Activity Post**

There's a super-sweet new awesome thing to do in MB called MagiQuest! You totally walk around with a wicked awesome motion-sensor wand (that you design!) and like point it at flat screens and "other items built-in to trees, mountains and other parts of the Realm." What's the crazy point?? Because the MagiQuest Pixies are trixters at heart or some shit! Hahahahahahaha, yay!!

What the kids are saying:
"The coolest place"
"Too cool!"
"Cool, fun, awesome"
"It is the best ever, you have to go there, it is the bomb!"**

**Comments not actually spoken by kids.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Blog "Rivals"

So I've been looking around, but it seems like there are very few people blogging exclusively about MB. Those that do are frankly pathetic.

There's this one, which claims to be "Rants by a Myrtle Beach Local," but in reality provides no true insight, with posts like "Timewarner Cable @#$%#$s!!!" and "Lame, Lame I am at Blogging." Indeed.

Then there's this guy. I have some respect for him since, like me, he got creative with the spelling of "beach." Way to go! However, he hasn't posted since June 7, 2006, which is lame. However, as this is when we'll all be there, I thought it would be useful to hear what he had to say:

"The beach is packed with hot girls and cool dudes this week - there will be thousands more next week. com eon and join us and get the parrty started!"

Aside from his obnoxious non-proofreading, I think that this kid is on to something! This is a picture I found after doing a search in Google Images for "hot girls cool dudes:"