Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Twist of Fate

I saw pregnant Lauren Ambrose today! And then I cared like an asshole.

On the bright side, I remembered something. Lauren Ambrose was in an independent film that took place in Myrtle Beach! Oh, and it's so cute because it's before she got all skinny and before she got pregnant. The stars were totally aligned for this blog entry.

I really enjoyed this film, and not just because I could relate to the plot:
"It's the start of another Carolina summer, and it's becoming increasingly clear to Frankie Wheeler, a young local, that she wants more out of life than Myrtle Beach can offer."
See now, I don't remember her character ever going to Medieval Times or the Dixie Stampede, so in retrospect, I just don't think that she was trying hard enough.

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