Thursday, March 05, 2009

Dixie Stampede Defense Thursday

There seems to be some confusion over the potential kick-assedness of a night of dinner-theater at Dixie Stampede (A Pageant of History and Patriotism). As someone who has been there I can honestly say that I don't remember a thing. But, that is moot anyway because every year they add new stuff! That's like 17 new stuffs! During MB '07 the new stuff was an aerial act. MB '08's new stuff was miniature horses that will purportedly "thrill you beyond [fucking] belief!"

Srsly, I'm with the Branson Courier:
What more can one entertainment venue provide than a great four-course meal eaten while watching one of the most exciting interactive shows in existence featuring 32 horses, exciting equestrian stunts, Longhorns, ostrich and pig races, the “Spirit of the Bird” aerial acrobatics spectacle and a little friendly “North” and “South” audience participation competition?

Well, how about by adding some flying machetes, a military reunion tribute for veterans, a world class juggler, a new song contributed by Dolly Parton, new choreography for the “Spirit of the Bird” aerial act and “Skeeter’s BIG Event" (not sure who Skeeter is? See here), beotches??

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