Monday, March 02, 2009

Dixie Stampede Photo Mondays

I remember when I was a kid being constantly forced to pose for these annoying theme-activity photos - you know the ones, where you get a shitty picture of your awkwardly-posed family in front of a Sears portrait-esque conceptually-lacking backdrop, a shitty theme-activity overlay, and decorative cardboard frame for like $30? Those were the worst*.

In honor of MB '09, I am announcing the creation of "Dixie Stampede Mondays," on which I will feature *official* theme-activity photos of families taken at various Dixie Stampede locations around the country (well, around the southern part of the country). You're welcome.

*Not included in this category are the photos you can get on roller coasters right as you're starting to go down the big drop. Those rule.


Rev. Dr. Dale L. Houston said...

Can we actually go and get one of these photos without having to suffer through the Dixie stampede? One photo plus a scanner and voila! We all have a copy. Divide $30 by 6 freaks and for only $5 you can have a real memory of a fake event. Think about it.

Amy said...

Ok, first of all, there is no such thing as "suffering" through Dixie Stampede. You can either ambivalent through it or have the best time of your life. Dude: Ostrich riders! Get with the program.

Rev. Dr. Dale L. Houston said...

Ostrich riders? Whoa. Perhaps I'm looking at this the wrong way. Perhaps some hootin' and hollerin' is just what the good doktor ordered.