Friday, May 18, 2007

**Special Dale-Oriented Activity Post**

There's a super-sweet new awesome thing to do in MB called MagiQuest! You totally walk around with a wicked awesome motion-sensor wand (that you design!) and like point it at flat screens and "other items built-in to trees, mountains and other parts of the Realm." What's the crazy point?? Because the MagiQuest Pixies are trixters at heart or some shit! Hahahahahahaha, yay!!

What the kids are saying:
"The coolest place"
"Too cool!"
"Cool, fun, awesome"
"It is the best ever, you have to go there, it is the bomb!"**

**Comments not actually spoken by kids.

1 comment:

Rev. Dr. Dale L. Houston said...

omg. hellayesdamnsweet.

I'll pixelate these pixies and become King of the Faerie. All will fall prey to the glamour i use indescriminently to make all sway under my magnificent mystical cockpower ... err ... magic wand. Thick Pulsing Magic Wand. Beware the faerie 'dust'...

what i mean to say is it sounds like wholesome fun. for the family. a family of elf-shot baby eaters. I'LL DESTROY ALL WHO OPPOSE ME!!! Muahahahahahaha (c) 2007 pope enterprises.