Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's time to discuss the ride down...

For the three or so people who are coming with me: we leave late on Saturday night (the 2nd) and drive to my Mom's house in CT where we will sleep for free and probably be fed and chatted with in the morning/afternoon. Then we make a mad dash for New Jersey to meet up with Stacie and Dale, at which point we will explore, celebrate, take advantage of, and otherwise enjoy the crazy weird shit that this amazing state has to offer.

Here are some options:
1. Hunt the Jersey Devil (please see video below)

2. Abandoned Asbury Park
I'm feeling a little ambivalent about going here since it's being all fixed up and shit = not as cool.

3. Jungle Habitat

From Weird NJ:
"Jungle Habitat closed around 1976 I think. As the story goes from what I know, it was like a Great Adventure thing - You drove through and the animals roamed around and stuff. As I know it, the owner allegedly stole a whole bunch of money. So that he wouldn’t have to pay it back, he fled, letting loose all of the animals."

4. The Paulinskill Viaduct
A top priority for me. Super cool and not policed.

more to come...

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