Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Blog "Rivals"

So I've been looking around, but it seems like there are very few people blogging exclusively about MB. Those that do are frankly pathetic.

There's this one, which claims to be "Rants by a Myrtle Beach Local," but in reality provides no true insight, with posts like "Timewarner Cable @#$%#$s!!!" and "Lame, Lame I am at Blogging." Indeed.

Then there's this guy. I have some respect for him since, like me, he got creative with the spelling of "beach." Way to go! However, he hasn't posted since June 7, 2006, which is lame. However, as this is when we'll all be there, I thought it would be useful to hear what he had to say:

"The beach is packed with hot girls and cool dudes this week - there will be thousands more next week. com eon and join us and get the parrty started!"

Aside from his obnoxious non-proofreading, I think that this kid is on to something! This is a picture I found after doing a search in Google Images for "hot girls cool dudes:"

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